Creating a Finger Labyrinth 

Sunday February 12th ~ 1pm -5pm   

~Peace unto you~

$45 for 4 hour workshop

class size limited to six participants

 choice of one item to create

 text 617-962-9775 to reserve space

 additional items may be purchased if desired.

Venmo @Dee-Davidson-4

~Walking a finger labyrinth~

Creating and walking a finger labyrinth brings a feeling of "Peace and Contentment" not unlike moving thru a full-size labyrinth.

You begin by bringing your full attention to it and possibly an intention.

Being present in the moment, and allowing your experience to be, what it is.

There is no right or wrong to moving thru a finger labyrinth.

How does winding back and forth feel? When you reach the center, does a feeling come up?

Allow it to just "Be".

Let your mind rest on that feeling and bring it to an awareness. 

As you start your way back out from the center, sense how that feels!

Walking a finger labyrinth can calm your thoughts and emotions, as well as create a space for you to listen. It can also bring you to a state where relaxation can start. 

There can be many reasons to work with a labyrinth. Sometimes the best reason is just that it has presented itself and curiosity arises.