Our SoulCollage® gathering this month will center around the Council Suit: In this suit of SoulCollage® deck, your cards will have images for the different archetypes who are actively guiding your life, and who are weaving it into the Larger Story of this planet. This suit honors the numinous, universal energies ( such as Death, Love, Courage, Reflection, Loneliness, Journeying) which have always shaped human history, and which are shaping your life now. Neters (energies) in this suit may derive their names from mythology, from your religious or cultural tradition, or from your imagination. This suit reflects the entire weave of creation in which every created form is a thread and is intuited through images. Here we address the spiritual nature of Soul.

(The Archetypes).

The SoulCollage® process was created by Seena B. Frost and is described in her book:

SoulCollage: An Intuitive process for Individuals and Groups

~Peace unto you~

SoulCollage®  Gatherings


Workshop 10:00 to 4:00 (ish)


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