The Joy is in the Journey ~ Finding your creative spark 

September 16th ~ 18th

Glastonbury Abbey

​Retreat Center

Reclaiming and Reframing Power for Women in Recovery.

Intentional Creativity teachers, Dee Davidson and Dawn Karolides

will lead women in recovery in an exploration to reclaim and reframe power.
Recovery from addiction often requires the admission of powerlessness
for women to release the hold of the addiction and to come to the place of willingness to accept help.
In this weekend retreat women will be held in sacred circle and guided
through art processes, breathwork and body techniques, walks in nature, and guided visioning to access the seat of their power and their
connection to their higher power.
Participants will leave this workshop with a deeper connection to their
bodies, to their inherent power and with a couple pieces of ”Soulwork”
that will hold their journey and be a visual and tangible reminder.

Intentional Creativity examples and of course a red thread to connect us all together 

~Peace unto you~