"What you do is up to you. Just do it."Nike

Simply Soothing Sanctuary
84 Summer Street,  Kingston MA

$325** (covers time & supplies)

For registration ​Call or Text 617-962-9775

​**$25 discount paid in full on registration  Venmo @SSS-84 ( Paint emoji)

​What you are seeking, is seeking you!

~An Invitation~

~Peace unto you~

and you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?  Rumi

  This workshop will take you on a journey to your inner sanctuary where your muse dwells.  Once there, the symbols, colors and the aspects of your muse, that wish to be revealed,  will come through for you to impart onto your canvas. 

Upon completion  your take-away will be the symbolic results on your canvas portal.

~The Joy Is In The Journey~


Dee came into her journey with her Muse in 2019 when she was introduced to Shiloh Sophia through her offering “The Dance of the Critic & the Muse”.

Definitely an opening of Soul Work for a person of no artistic endeavors up to that time. 

During Covid, and having to closedown for a year, she immersed herself in Intentional Creativity and found a new source of spiritual work, for both herself and the women with whom she longs to share.

2020 ~ She became a Red Thread Guide Certified  Leader
 2021 ~ She completed a year of intense personal soul work with Intentional Creativity 

 COW(Color of Women), curated by

Shiloh Sophia

The International Circle of Women