The above quote was our welcome ~ March begins my Journey with Intentional Creativity thru the Alchemical Compass. This will be working from the Center thru the Directions and back to the Center encompassing this whole year.

"Welcome to a Vision Quest

                       into the Heart of your Soul Work!" 


The above screen show is displaying the muses that came through for me during my alchemical journey around the compass. The inquiries that led to the symbols and messages are the kernels of knowledge that have ushered me along this life changing path. I love the new branch of service to others that is unfolding in front of me. 

Hurray, I'm so excited!~November 5th~ was the finishing ceremony for the

Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Course.

This was  life changing and also affirming for my BOW(body of work) to carry me through the Winter of my Life living each moment fully with joy and creativity.  

~Peace unto you~