Join me as we sit together and share our thoughts and dreams. The power of a story is in the telling. 

What is needed? Talk, meditation, gentle body movement or maybe a little intentional creativity or metacognative drawing? 

I am calling out to women that are looking for something deeper.

A spark to kindle their Soul and Light their Path.

Life doesn't need to be dreary, there are so many women to be inspired by and to learn from.

Come &  join me in the Red Thread Community.

Your invited to put pen to paper or brush to canvas or just let your interntional creativity loose!

Learn to "Let Go &  Play"  



​The women are gathering

Now I feel that the time is right for me to offer the way!
Now I claim that the times I lived through, the lessons that I learned, and the love that I feel for myself and others brings me to this place of great experiential creation.

Through the Red Thread Circle I wish to be an example to other women to not let age define them, but to allow the beauty and the grace of all that they have experienced and nurtured help to bring them to a place of joyful creativity and dance. In any way or through any medium that that creativity can flow and allow the true nature to expand.

​​My piece of the Red Thread is to speak/walk my authentic truth in different themes.

Connecting with Women

~ One Thread At A Time ~

~Peace unto you~