60 minute massage, reiki or reflexology $60

Gift Certificates.

Stone massage 80 minutes $150


30 minute massage, reiki or reflexology $35

Stone Massage

Experience the incredible sensation of Hot Basalt Lava stone Massage. This specialty massage uses carefully selected lava stone chosen for size, weight and shape to retain the heat needed for this wonderful massage. 

80 Minutes $150.00

Simply Soothing Sanctuary Relaxation Techniques

90 minute massage, reiki or reflexology $90

Couple Massage Treatment or Massage/ Reflexology Treatment

This loving couples’ gift includes: the choice of one hour of table massage for both or a one half  hour reflexology & massage for each in our yoga room with tables side by side.



An ancient Japanese healing technique bringing about deep relaxation and a sense of well being. Work is performed on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level and is good for reduction of stress, chronic pain and emotional or mental upset.

15 Minute minimum; $1.00 per minute.


Using thumb and finger technique on the hands and/or feet to promote relaxation, increase circulation and reduce stress. Stimulating the nerves that relate to all parts of the body creating balance. 

30 Minutes $35.00; 60 Minutes $60.00; 90 Minutes $95.00 - (5) One hour sessions $240.00

~Peace unto you~

Couple one hour massage or reflexology/massage session $120

Kriya Massage

Using continuous flow, kriya massage relaxes you on multiple levels and aids in replenishing undernourished muscles, improving circulation and easing digestion. 

30 Minutes $35.00; 60 Minutes $60.00; 90 Minutes $95.00 - (5) One hour sessions $240.00.

Purchase Package of (5) one hour

 massage or reflexology sessions here

Prenatal Massage

Kriya massage using a specifically designed table which provides optimum comfort for the expectant mother. 

30 Minutes $35.00; 60 Minutes $60.00; 90 Minutes $95.00 - (5) One hour sessions $240.00