Sit ~ Stay ~ Heal

​Saturdays 8:00-9:00 am

Six week session (Call if interested 617-962-9775)

Sit ~ Stay & Heal Disclaimer:

Being as this is a Zoom class and I am not in the room with you I will request that this agreement is a disclaimer that you and you alone know, and are responsible for your body.

I will at times remind you of this and encourage you to listen to your body.

Consult your Dr. before beginning any new wellness or yoga routine.

This is a mind/body awareness class and will incorporate gentle stretch to your own body's range of motion.


Dee Davidson aka Simply Soothing Sanctuary assumes no responsibility or liability for injuries occurring during this class.

To register and receive the Zoom Link send an email to

~ Awakening your Mind/Body Awareness ~

This hour long Zoom session will help you connect mind & body.

Incorporating breath and guided instructions you will be gently led to experience getting in touch with your muscles and your mind. 

 Yoga practice creates an opportunity for us to re-create our relationship with our body, by enabling us to move inward-focusing on how we feel during a stretch rather then how we look-yoga encourages us to "Let go" and to enjoy the movement of our muscles.

Over time, this experiential relationship with our body may even allow us to learn

to love our body, just the way we are. 

​I have read & agree to the terms & conditions posted below.      $60 prepaid 

VENMO @SSS-84 (stretch)

~Peace unto you~