We offer unconditional love and a safe place to begin your Journey. Once you visit, you keep coming home...

My Belief is that we heal from the Inside out, but first we must Journey In...

​​Our Philosophy is the premise that once you reach a state of relaxation your body begins the process of healing.
We strive to give you the opportunity to reach that state.

Simply Soothing Sanctuary

It's been our honor over the past 19 years to create a space that welcomes you into the deepest parts of yourself.

Simply Soothing Sanctuary teaches you relaxation exercises to promote stress reduction and relaxation techniques for anxiety. 

Since Healing starts from the Inside Out, we feel it  is important to feel relaxed and safe to Journey In


~Peace unto you~


Simply Soothing Sanctuary Relaxation Techniques

84 Summer Street

Kingston Ma. 02364