~Peace unto you~

SoulCollage® retreats at Miramar Retreat Center 

located in Duxbury Ma. 

February 15th ~ 17th, 2019     &     October 18th ~ 20th, 2019

SoulCollage -  Art with Soul - Free Instructions

Register here on Miramar's Website starting in January 2019

During this weekend you will have the opportunity to delve (or not) into your Soul's sweet spots. We will ensure a safe and relaxing environment to journey in...

After using the labyrinth to journey in, with meditation and contemplation on Friday evening, we will have some open time to settle in, ask questions and meet each other. Saturday morning will  be spent in the process of creating SoulCollage® cards.

During this time we will be discussing the “how” these cards can help to bring about a relationship with our inner selves and begin to discover that which we let lie dormant. Often we feel on the edge of something, but can't seem to get the grasp of it.

Working with SoulCollage® cards and through dialoguing with these cards and the witnessing of others, it begins unfold and lets us continue to adventure on…

Creating these cards will be done in a quiet time, used to go through images and choose those that speak to you. There will be plenty of time to do this, but there is a beginning and ending so that we can move into the creation of cards and still leave time for the dialogue with your card(s). Being aware that if you are a seasoned SoulCollage® creator time can also be spent in contemplation of which suit your card fits in and there will also be supplies to create cards as your images come to you. 

As this is a retreat weekend, there will be "on your own time" available after lunch. Massage will be an option (for additional cost), you may wish to continue card making or depending on the weather there will be the opportunity to walk to the water, walk the labyrinth, or just sit in one of the many special places that Miramar has to offer for meditation.

SoulCollage Card Making Supplies